Uploading Panel to Server

On your downloaded panel file, you will find this directory tree on what is containing on the zip file.

├── documentation # this is the page you are looking now!
├── Screenshots # this is where you cann see all of the screenshots of the panel
└── SOFTETHER-PANEL.ZIP # this is the file you will be uploading to the server

Upload Panel File

To upload the file to the panel. You can use SFTP software such as WinSCP or Bitvise if you are using windows.

Or using rsync if you are using linux or Mac. In this documentation, We will be using rsync.

Go to the same directory as SOFTETHER-PANEL.ZIP file are, and run command below.

rsync [email protected]:~/softether/

Notice that we are using the user we created before sshpanel. If you are using another username, please replace the sshpanel with your own username.

You will be asked for password. Enter the password you set when you setup the user.


Once the file is uploaded. Go SSH back to your server. But this time using the user you created before.

Verify that the panel file is uploaded by running the command below.

cd ~/softether && ls

Make sure the file is there!


Then you just need to unzip it.

cd ~/softether

If you encounter error like this


Run command below to install unzip.

sudo apt install unzip

And then you can run the unzip command again now.

Make sure the contents inside is similar to image below.



The panel file has been uploaded & unzipped! Go to next step!